Thursday, February 1

*hewwo*..ouch!! my neck just snapped,I hate when that happens.I didnt go to school today tuesday or wednesday..I have a small case of the flu 4 anyone out there that actually cares..*lol*.Man do i always write like that?in a huge run on sentence..oh well who gives a krap.So i bet ur thinking did u update ur page while you were sick and i would haveta say...nopes sorry!! *lol* me too lazy i was trying to make more dollies 4 yew on da palace but it wasnt sooo *hungry*.Its pissin me off. ya know those nutri grain things well i had one of dem this morning...but its 2:00 now..Passions time!! *lol*....well i dun know what to write i wanted to try to write lots since its my first entry and all but 4get dat lol....okie well im gonna go...I'll prob write more later cuz me bored..okie catch ya babes later..